Hi. My name is

Kenneth Ma ✌️

I develop all sorts of useless things as a mediocre "full-stack" software engineer and pretend entrepreneur.


who dis?


Hi! I'm interested in hiring you, of course.

Tell me all about the "useless things" that you've made!

um, ok

I ran my own tech startup

Frrand, Inc.

Free delivery for the little things.

Frrand was a crowd-sourced delivery platform that algorithmically matched delivery requests to people already travelling a similar path.

On launch, Frrand went viral with over 2,000 users and 600 likes on our Facebook page.



I'm guessing you want to talk about how you got 2,000 users on the first day?


it's like you read my mind

we offered to buy our entire school pizza. seriously.

it ended up costing us only about $700.. or $0.35 each user gained

Pretty lit 🔥

What else have you done?

lots more, but i'm not done my site yet. for now, chat with me irl

email ken@kenma.ca

or on facebook

What if I don't want to chat just yet?

sorry 😢

but here's my (less exciting) resume until then